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Discover Your Soul's Path With A Reiki Art Soul Portrait

Do you want to gain insight into your soul’s current path, see where your path is heading, and do your sacred inner healing work in a fun and creative way?

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Intuitive Healing Art

for self-healing via your subconscious mind

Visual Artist and Reiki Practitioner

Welcome! I'm a visual artist, natural-born energy healer and Certified Reiki Practitioner. I create visionary intuitive healing art dreamscapes and personalized Reiki art soul path portraits for self-healing via your subconscious mind and energy field.

I've been an artist for as long as I can remember, as of a young child of about five or six years old. I studied art at SVA in NYC where I gained an invaluable and diverse art education that encompassed psychology, symbolism in art and dream interpretation. This paved the way for the unfolding of my life's purpose of creating intuitive healing art.

The journey began in my Fine Art class, where I began painting dream images and visions bestowed upon me by spirit during my dream state. Embracing an intuitive approach, I surrendered to the creative process, allowing it to flow effortlessly through me. This gave me a profound sense of liberation. Little did I know that, in those moments, I was in a gentle trance, where it felt that time ceased to exist. As the colors danced and merged, the final outcome emerged—an abstract masterpiece that resonated with the depths of my soul and my inner healing path.

As a natural-born empath, clairsentient, and devoted energy healer, I also delved into the realm of holistic healing, immersing myself in the transformative art of Reiki energy healing. My passion and dedication led me to become a Certified Level II Reiki Practitioner, empowering me to channel healing energy across distances. With over 18 years of experience as a Reiki Practitioner, I have facilitated both in-person and online sessions, harnessing the power of Reiki Distance to extend healing vibrations.

The profound synergy between Reiki and my innate healing abilities sparked a revelation within me. It inspired the fusion of my intuitive art with the transformative potential of Reiki healing, giving birth to intuitive healing Reiki art. Through this melding, I offer a unique pathway for others to embark on their journey of self-healing. Each creation resonates with the intention of nurturing and facilitating profound transformation, guiding individuals towards holistic well-being and inner harmony.

Personal Reiki Art Soul Path Portraits

Check out the video below to learn more about how I craft a personalized intuitive Reiki art soul path portrait using color pen markers for self healing.

Let's Get Started!

3 Steps To Self-Healing With Healing Art

White and gold icon of canvas painting on easel


Choose a healing dreamscape below that would be the most healing for you at this time. They are accompanied by sonic music beats that you may mute if preferred.

White and gold icon of person sitting in meditation with light beams coming out of head


Do a simple focusing and relaxation technique to assist you in relaxing your mind and body before you start your visualization. Click the button below for a brief meditation.

Focus & Relax
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Then just relax and gaze at the high vibrational dreamscape or Reiki art anywhere from 5-15 minutes with the intent on self-healing. Click the button below for more info. on this.


Visionary Healing Art

High vibrational art for self-healing via your subconscious mind and energy field.

Acrylic painting titled, Ascension Timelines, shows a green pasture intermingling with the sky and half a sun with rays that look like a gear or cog wheel

Healing Dreamscapes

Acrylic paintings that depict the vivid visions bestowed upon me by my spiritual guide during dream state. As I immerse myself in the act of painting, an intuitive understanding and interpretation of their meanings, symbolic representations, and profound messages unfold, both for my personal journey and the trajectory of my soul's evolution. Delve into a selection of these dreamscape creations below, and embark on a transformative visual journey.

View Below >>
Acrylic abstract Reiki art painting of a personalized soul path portrait

Reiki Art Soul Portraits

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing through the a Reiki Art Soul Path Portrait. These personalized, intuitively crafted artworks capture the essence of your individual soul and illuminate the path towards self-discovery. Vibrant and captivating, these soul portraits take shape through abstract acrylic paintings and abstract color pen or marker art. To learn more on personal soul portraits and unlock the door to a self-healing via intuitive art, simply click the button below.

Soul Portraits >>
Rainboe chakra affrimationations I am journal

Visit Our Shop

Discover an array of items with meticulously crafted colorful prints inspired by my original dreamscapes and intuitive Reiki art infused onto them. You'll find journals and mugs adorned with inspirational and colorful digital art. Each creation is thoughtfully designed to nurture self-healing, mindfulness, and self-care, providing you with tangible reminders of the transformative power of healing art. 

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Healing Art Dreamscapes

Acrylic abstract painting titled, Relief as whimsical waves in blue and purple hues and yellow orange sky
Acrylic abstract painting of a Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse shows a red sphere in center surrounded by circular red and blue tones

Gentle Relaxation

Breathe deeply and relax while focusing on your breath with this simple relaxation technique.

White and gold icon of a person sitting in meditation with light beams surrounding its' head

Focusing On Your Breath

Take a few deep slow breaths.... Slowly breathe in or inhale and visualize breathing in a pure bright white light. Then slowly breathe out or exhale.... and visualize all of your stress, tension and worries or negative energy going away..... leaving your body.....

Make a gentle swoosh sound with your lips as you exhale.... this will help you to focus on your breath.

With each breath you feel more and more relaxed..... You feel your muscles relaxing, and any tension just falling away.... You feel it falling away from your arms.... your legs.... your feet...... your hands..... your neck..... your back..... All tension falling into the ground......

Slowly breathe in, slowly breathe out..... You feel your entire body becoming much more relaxed..... more balanced.... more whole..... more centered..... free and peaceful......

Slowly continue to breathe in and breathe out as needed.....

When you feel ready bring your attention to the dreamscape you've chosen above to begin.



For best results I recommend that you practice visualization or gaze at the healing art dreamscape anywhere from 5-15 minutes, preferably right before bedtime. You may also use this visualization technique with your personalized Reiki art soul path portrait.

While gazing at the healing art make sure to jot down on your paper or journal anything that you feel, as this will help you to bring your subconscious knowledge into your conscious mind and awareness.

As you gaze into the dreamscape become aware of your body, your breath and how you feel. It's alright if you drift into a daydream, just relax and allow your energy to flow and see where it takes you. You may close your eyes at any time and then gently open them up again.

Continue with the visualization the following night to continue gaining more clarity, knowledge, energy field or chakra clearing, if needed.

Additionally, you may be drawn to try out another healing art dreamscape or you may prefer to have your own personal healing art created specifically for your unique soul's inner healing path.

If you'd like to learn more about getting your own personalized Reiki Art Soul Path Portrait for self healing just click the button below.

Personalized Soul Path Portraits

Keep a pen and paper or a dedicated journal within easy reach as you embark on your visualization journey. Take note of any sensations that arise during this process, allowing yourself to fully embrace the experience. Jot down your thoughts, intuitive messages, visions, memories, individuals, emotions, locations, and objects. Remember that nothing should be dismissed as mere imagination; trust your instincts and faithfully record every detail. Even if they seem unclear in the present moment, rest assured that their significance will gradually unfold and make sense. Trust the process and faithfully document it all, knowing that the puzzle pieces will eventually come together in due time.

Chakra Healing

As you engage in your visualization practice, remain attuned to the subtle sensations and potential weightiness experienced in specific chakra centers. These bodily cues serve as profound messages, signaling the presence of energy blockages that yearn for healing and release. Furthermore, if you find yourself remembering specific colors from your dream state following the visualization, consider it a positive sign that chakra healing is at work. Embrace these signs as powerful indicators of the transformative healing energy at work within you, guiding you towards a harmonious and balanced state of being.

Dream State

After completing your visualization, keep your journal within reach near your bed, as you may experience a healing or lucid dream afterwards. Take the time to document as much of the dream as you can remember, recording vivid descriptions, illustrations, and even the colors that linger in your mind. By diligently capturing these dream experiences, you start the inner healing journey by bridging the realm of your subconscious knowledge with conscious awareness.

Divine Alignment

Allow yourself to surrender to the natural flow of your energy, embracing a state of calmness and effortless receptivity. In this harmonious state, you align yourself with the innate Divine order that governs all things. When your energy field resonates with the Divine, so does your intuition and inner truth, opening pathways to higher understanding. It is within this sacred alignment, heightened state of awareness, inner truth, and elevated vibration, where inner healing takes place and unfolds.

Get In Touch

Feel free to reach out with any inquiries or to discuss customization options for a personalized Reiki art Soul Path Portrait.